Frequently Asked Questions

How much do your products and services cost?

Non-members pay retail pricing. Once an account is established (no purchase necessary), you are able to shop member pricing. Custom pricing can be established for return customers and you’re able to request a quote if you’ve found competitive pricing on same products elsewhere. Service pricing varies; free estimates are given for accuracy.

What products do you suggest we use for commercial cleaning?

Commercial cleaning agents are superior to what you’ll find at a typical retailer. You’re getting more cleaner and less water. Buying from Boettcher Service & Supply gives you insights as to when and how to effectively use your commercial cleaning agents. Our tips and tricks will give you more for your dollar and a cleaner, more sanitary result.

How often should we clean our commercial space?

Business Hygiene means safety for your employees and guests, plus a more positive environment for everyone who walks into your place of business. With proper sanitation processes in place, you can account for less bacteria and germs, resulting in less sick days. Boettcher Service and Supply recommends a deep clean weekly, adjusting depending upon foot traffic and daily use.

What cleaning products will give us the biggest bang for our buck?

Concentrated chemicals will be your most cost effective. We offer a command center that will dilute and dispense these products for you, so they are ready to use.

How do you recommend we apply the cleaning product for best results?

Each cleaning product should be researched and applied as directed. All our signature cleaning products come with step-by-step instructions on the label. If you have any questions, please reach out to a Boettcher Service & Supply professional staff member with any specific questions.

Do we sign a contract for your services?

No contract. Once you’re a member and entered into our system you’ll have access to discounted pricing, have the option to price match and can do a quick re-order to quickly restock your supply closet. We do ask for a 30-day notice if discontinuing professional cleaning services.

How far do you deliver?

Boettcher Service and Supply offers 24-hour delivery turn-around 30-miles of Springfield, MO; 60-mile radius for scheduled deliveries. Anything beyond a 60-mile radius of Springfield will utilize a courier service and shipping and handling fees will apply.

How quickly can we get our order?

Delivery of your in-stock janitorial supply is filled next day within 30-miles of Springfield, MO and delivered in 48-hours up to 60-mile radius. Orders beyond our delivery area is dependent upon courier and fees will be associated. Items not in-stock, will be delivered within 48-hours of arrival to our warehouse.

What is your shipping and delivery procedure?

Within 24-hours of order, Boettcher Service and Supply will weigh, package and ship all in-stock items for delivery beyond our 60-mile radius delivery area. Shipping and handling fees will occur, and delivery status is subject to courier.

When do you collect payment?

Upon delivery. We will hold payment on your credit card until the order is finalized upon delivery.

What is Bill My Account during checkout?

Re-occurring clients can set up an established credit with us, to be billed once monthly for the total purchased in that month. Please, contact a Boettcher representative to set up these terms.

Can my business set up a credit account?

Yes, credit can be established with Boettcher Service and Supply. We will provide you with a credit application that will include credit checks and references.

How do I get special pricing?

Request a Quote on the item you’re seeking further inquiry on. That inquiry will then be sent to our team and will be available via email within 24-hours.

Do you offer free dispensers?

Yes. We offer free basic dispensers when a usage agreement is signed with Boettcher Service and Supply.