Pro-Select Pour and Peel Stripper


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Pro-Select / Pour and Peel Stripper / BSS2204 / 1 gal / case or individually

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About This Item

Pro-Select / Pour and Peel Stripper / BSS2204 / 1 gal / case or individually

Pour and Peel Stripper is a blend of alkaline builders, water-soluable solvents and water conditioning agents. It is formulated to provide effective removal of multiple coats of floor finish. It is also effective at removing old buildup or multi-layers or finishes burnished by spray buffing and high speed buffing where routine strippers are not effective. This is a highly caustic stripping formula. Read precautions below. To achieve best performance, experiment in small test area with various dilutions before applying generally. Dilute before using. Do not use on painted surfaces or wooden floors. Use cautiously for stripping linoleum, rubber or asphalt tile as stripper may cause bleaching, softening or bleeding. 4 Gal/ Cs

1. For normal problem floors, dilute 1 part stripper to 4 parts warm water. Apply to small inconspicious test area before doing entire floor. Dilution ratios ranging from 1 part stripper and 2 part water to 1 part stripper and 10 parts water may be required. Initial testing will determine time of exposure and concentration most desirable.

2. Using determined dilution ratio, apply to small area of flooring (approx. 50-100 sq. ft.) Permit solution to remain on floor approximately 5 minutes before scrubbing. Do not allow solution to dry on floor.

3. Scrub thoroughly with machine and stripping pad. Pick up soluton immediately with wet-dry vac or mop.

4. Rinse well with clear water. Recommended two or three rinses with vinegar or neutralizer in last rinse.

5. Do not apply sealer or finish until floor is thoroughly dry.

AUTOMATIC SCRUBBERS: Use the double pass method for best results. Apply stripping solution,
normally 1 part stripper to 10 parts water. (Test in small area prior to stripping floor.)

1. Using dilution ratio established by testing in small area, apply to small area of floor.
2. Let soak at least 5 minutes until finish turns white. Agitate with mop to expedite stripping action.
3. Pick up excess with vacuum or mop, then rinse thoroughly, immediately. Two or three rinses recommended. Allow floor to dry completely before applying seal or finish.

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